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4 Reasons Why It's Important For Boys To Play: Ninja Zone

Gymnastics may be a female dominated sport but that doesn't mean that we have forgotten about our boys here at Gymnastics Elite! You might think that because we don't teach boys gymnastics here that boys and boys programs are not a top priority but you would be wrong! In fact because of that fact we went out of our way to find a program that would be specially designed to fill that space and that is the awesome Ninja Zone! We are so happy to have found this wonderful program and were able to bring it into our gym and to our student because we know the importance of exercise, activity, and play for our little boys. Here are some reasons why we thought it was so important to be able to provide a program specifically for boys here at our gym.

  • Through play and athletics, they develop character in a healthy way. Through being challenged to advance and learn new skills they grow and gain confidence in themselves as we'll as feeling more capable of handling themselves.

  • Through friendly competition and pushing themselves they get to test themselves, see what they can do, and get better. They get to know themselves and what skills they do and do not possess and hone these individual skills.

  • This program, Ninja Zone, is geared towards play like jumping, rolling, flipping, running, and more rough-and-tumble activities which gets rid of a lot of excess energy.

  • Young brains need to learn on their own through free play as much as organized play and Ninja Zone follows a free form and loose structure. They learn skills and combinations but the program doesn't call for such a strict, precise approach.

We know that not every boy will like this type of play and that all of the above can also be said about and applied with girls but we wanted to make sure we were getting these specific benefits through to our boys as well as to every student. Every child is different so we try to make our programs as malleable as possible in the interest of benefiting as many kids as we possibly can.

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