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What The Showcases Are Really About!

Here at Gymnastics Elite we love celebrating our students and their accomplishments as they move up through the levels as well as mature, learn, and grow mentally and emotionally and look for every opportunity to do that. For us, gymnastics is a tool that can be used to not only benefit our students physically but in all kinds of different areas of their lives outside the gym. We use these showcases to, yes, give them a chance to perform for their family and friends but that is not the end goal. We want them to gain self-confidence, the bravery that comes from putting themselves out of their comfort zone, and the feeling of pride and accomplishment that come when it is over and they did it! With the Olympics going on you can see on the athletes faces that it is not about the medal and performing but ACCOMPLISHING something that was important to them. To not just BE the best but FEEL like they are the best. At these showcases everyone gets a medal and their time to shine at the top of the podium because they are not about skill but about putting yourself out there and accomplishing something. We want them to get a taste of that feeling now while they are young so that can build from that and use that throughout their lives. It is never too soon to feel pride in yourself and what you do! We use these showcases to inspire them to move forward not just in the sport of gymnastics but in moving forward in anything they do and doing it with confidence and their heads held high. These showcases are meant to INSPIRE and SUPPORT our students and that is really what the medal and moment on the podium REALLY means!

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