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Our very first Play & Mingle!

We are excited to announce that Gymnastics Elite will be hosting its very first Play & Mingle this upcoming Wednesday, September 28th from 12-2 pm. What is a Play & Mingle you may ask? Well this event is designed for our homeschool community at Gymnastics Elite to get the opportunity to interact with the gym's equipment and get the free play they don't normally get during their structured gymnastics or Ninja Zone class. This event is also for our homeschool parents to have the chance to interact with one another and get that well needed break away from home. We are all about family here at Gymnastics Elite which is why we want to build a community here where all our members can interact with one another and have a good time, which is what this event is geared towards doing.

Our staff at Gymnastics Elite knows that all kids need some free play to let all their energy out. What better way to let that energy out than an obstacle course? The kids participating in this Play & Mingle will get the opportunity to race through obstacle courses, swing on bars, jump on trampolines and build forts out of all the mats they could possibly get their hands on. They will get the opportunity to use equipment and play games that they don't normally use during a regular recreational class. But this Play & Mingle isn't just for the kids, it's for our AMAZING parents too! We want to give our parents a well needed break which is why they will be able to sit and relax in our lobby and get to talk with other members of our homeschool community. We will also have board games and arts and crafts that both parents and kids can participate in as well.

This is event is open to children from 18 months all the way to 17 years old, which means the whole family can join in the fun inside of the gym! The cost for this upcoming event is only $5 per child and free for parents. We do ask that parents bring a dish or snacks to share in a potluck with the rest of our families. This event is not just for the homeschool community we have here at Elite but it is open to anyone who would like to join in the fun. Bring your friends, we here at Gymnastics Elite love seeing new faces in our gym! If you would like to join the fun or would like more information on this event you can call us at (915)590-9056 or you can send us an email at

Hope to see you there!!

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